Director: Topaz Adizes Producers: Julia Gorbach & Heran Abate Associate Producer: Carla Tramullas Editor: Christopher McNabb Additional Editors: Armando Croda & Sebastian Diaz Camera Operators: Adhat Campos & Julia Gorbach & Carla Tramullas Sound Editor: Dan Dzula Color Correction: Na Thirakomen Production Assistant: Chloe Levine & Alex Gorbach Interns: Julius Bowditch & Maxine Cher & Ayla Brewster
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Sikaitis Creative Director/Writer: Nathan Phillips Design: Mikkel Illes Developer: Mark Edgington Developer: Jerry Bai Developer: Ricky Bacon Digital Producer: Jordan Makow Project Manager: Ryan Rulli QA: Sara Tabor
Special Thanks:
Dion & Emily Alexandra & Michael Viktorija & Michael Hayley & Sarah Omar & Jennifer Giulia & Elijah Rommel & Tarun Samantha & Alec Allie & Mateusz Catherine & Timothy Jazmin & Justin Jerin and Micah Inna and Georgiy Claudia & Jeffrey Sara & Geoffrey Cammie & Erin Christine & Jason Leon & Fukumi Cat & Keith Joy & Andrew Julian & Yema Sharlotte & Daniel Marcela & Rock Ben & Sidra Zuba & Ed Max & Luli Mischa & Robin Gayle & Chuck Chris Linda Georgina Fowler Arts Studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
The { } And (animated title)
An Interactive Documentary
30 Couples
412 Questions
Teaser video
Now, we’ll create a customized
documentary film about the way
you experience love
in a relationship.


How To Play
Sit facing one another with a foot of distance between you.
Take 30 seconds to relax and look at one another.
Person 1 begins by asking. Person 2 answers their question.
Continue back and forth through all questions.
Thanks for playing